Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses | Review, History & Guide (2024)

Oakley Frogskins are one of Oakley’s most popular sunglasses, and for good reason! This is one of the most timeless designs from Oakley that’s been around for over 30 years! Find out exactly why this frame became one of the top Oakley sunglasses and everything to know before you buy a pair!

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Background and History

The year is 1985, Ronald Reagan is in the white house, Terminator is on top of the box office, and shoulder pads are in style.

Oakley used this pop culture moment to release their first lifestyle sunglasses ever – the Oakley Frogskins.

Today these originally 80’s models are commonly referred to as Generation 1 (or Gen 1) Frogskins, as Oakley has continued to release new iterations of the popular frame.

Available in dozens of colors and with an original price tag of around $40, they became an instant hit for Oakley!

People instantly drew comparisons to the classic Rayban Wayfarers that have been around since 1956. And this eyewear feud has continued on through the decades!

How Frogskins got their name

In 2013, Jim Jannard actually explained that Frogskins were rushed due to their desire to get a “normal” model out the door.

When they had to come up with a name, his instant thought was they were just creating this pair “for the frog skins” (slang for dollars). He named the pair so he’d always remember to do interesting things moving forward.

You can read the full story from Jim Jannard’s Q&A below.

I flew to Japan and visited a manufacturer there and very quickly crafted the Frogskin. I knew it would sell, I just didn’t think it was the kind of effort that would make us proud. It felt a bit like I sold out and when I was flying home, I felt a bit embarrassed. I asked myself if I wasn’t just doing this “for the frog skins” (the bucks, greenbacks, presidents). I decided three things right then.

#1. Sell them and call them Frogskins to always remind me to only do brave and interesting things going forward.
#2. Get started on an intensive program to develop the very best optics in the industry and add more inventions and art to the next-gen products.
#3. Build a factory and make our sunglasses in house.

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A Public Success

As expected, after their release in 1985, the original Frogskins became a hit with the public. And eventually, in 1990, Oakley released the second generation of Frogskins (also known as Gen 2).

Ultimately, the Frogskins were discontinued in 1997 under the direction of Jim Jannard. As Jim mentioned above, he made Frogskins for the money, and finally, in 1997, he could focus on what mattered – disruptive design. This period of time was peak Oakley innovation, with pairs like the M Frame, Mars, and X-Metals surging in popularity, so it makes sense they decided to shift their focus away from Frogskins.

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Rerelease and Luxottica Purchase

In June of 2007, shortly after Oakley was purchased by Luxottica, Frogskins were re-released in limited numbers. And this re-release even introduced the original tooling from the ’80s.

Now everyone could own a piece of history.

But while some credit (or discredit) Luxottica with the re-release, new Frogskins were actually in the works before the acquisition.

Fast forward to today, Oakley continues to iterate on the Frogskins, releasing new variations and limited/collector editions.

Keep reading as we review everything to know about Frogskins, including their design, frame size, and lens options across models.

Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

Frame and Design

Starting with the frame, Oakley Frogskins are the definition of a lifestyle Oakley. With a casual rounded lens, it’s easy to draw comparisons to the popular Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

But Frogskins clearly set themselves apart with Oakley’s innovation.

Made with flexible and lightweight O Matter frame material, Frogskins provide all-day comfort. And their O-Matter frame makes them easy to clean and wipe down if dirty or sweaty.

What won’t you find on Frogskins?


That’s right – You won’t find any of the popular anti-slip rubber material found on most Oakley sports sunglasses.

But that also makes sense – right? You aren’t supposed to be running any marathons in your Frogskins. That being said, we’ve had no issue wearing our Frogskins for a round of golf from time to time.

Size and Dimensions

Oakley Frogskins are a standard medium-size frame but are also available in XS for smaller faces. They feature a medium lens front designed for an average amount of coverage in comparison to larger sports frames like the Kato.

You can find the dimensions (in millimeters) below and scroll down for the complete comparison across Frogskins models!

  • Frame Width: 137mm
  • Frame Length: 139mm
  • Lens Height: 44mm
  • Lens Width: 54.7mm
  • Base Lens Geometry: 4


Today, Frogskins come in a standard high bridge fit for people with a higher nose bridge and lower cheekbones. But they’re also available in Oakley’s low bridge fit (formerly known as Asian fit). Low bridge fit is designed for people with flatter noses and higher cheekbones.

Be sure to learn more about finding the perfect fitting sunglasses in our complete Oakley Size guide.


The Frogskins rounded lenses aren’t just for fashion. Featuring Standard, Polarized, Prizm, and Prizm Polarized options, you can find just about every Oakley lens available in this frame.

Plus, all of the lenses available in the Frogskins are made of impact-resistant Plutonite lens material and feature High Definition Optics (HDO) technology.

We’ve already covered why we love Oakley Prizm technology, so we won’t go into too much detail here. But whether you’re looking for casual Prizm Black lenses or a pop of color with Prizm Sapphire, these lenses combine fashion and innovation by increasing color and contrast and decreasing glare.

And Frogskins are also available through Oakley’s Custom Program (OCP), where you can choose from thousands of frame and lens color combinations!

Keep reading for our final thoughts on Frogskins and whether they’re worth your cash!

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Our Review – Are They Worth It?

Yes, despite Frogskins humble beginnings, they have grown into one of the most popular Oakleys thanks to their easygoing style and variety of colorways.

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Having worn a wide range of Frogskins over the last decade, this is definitely one of our favorite pairs. Are you going to find the wild styling of an X-Metal or Mars? No. But they are an easy pair of sunglasses you can throw on as you head out the door and still look great.

If you’re looking for a casual pair of Oakleys available with the latest in lens technology, Frogskins sunglasses are definitely worth a try.

If you prefer a more square frame, you’ll want to check out Holbrook sunglasses, which mirror many of the Frogskins design cues without the rounded lenses.

Comparing Frogskins Models – Lite vs. Mix vs. XS vs. Low Bridge Fit vs. Original

As we mentioned above, there are several current Frogskins varieties on the market – and honestly, it can get a bit confusing!

But don’t worry, we’re reviewing each Frogskins model and what makes them one-of-a-kind sunglasses. Plus, a side-by-side comparison, including the size and dimensions of each frame.

Frogskins Mix

Similar to the Holbrook Mix, the Frogskins Mix combines durable O-Matter and Metal in the frame design.

The lens / front portion of the frame is made of lightweight O-Matter plastic, while the temples are made of stainless steel with Unobtainium grips.

And like all of the other Frogskins available, they feature Prizm and Prizm Polarized lenses that block out 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

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Frogskins Lite

The Frogskins Lite is the first Frogskins with a half-rim design, similar to the Flak Jacket or Half Jacket. With an entire frame composed of O Matter, the Frogskins Lite is the only variation that includes an Unobtainium nose grip.

And despite their “lite” name, these are actually slightly wider than other Frogskins so it may be a better option for large faces.

Overall, the Frogskins Lite appears to be a half-rim take on this classic lifestyle frame.

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Frogskins XS

As you may have guessed from the “XS”, the Frogskins XS is a smaller version of the frame. Also referred to as Youth fit, this Frogskins frame is great for kids or if you just have a smaller face thanks to it’s shorter temple length and width.

The frame itself is entirely composed of O-Matter with no Unobtainium similar to the original Frogskins.

For more small frames check out our top Oakley eyewear for small faces.

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Frogskins Low Bridge Fit

Oakley Low Bridge Fit Frogskins are designed for individuals with higher cheekbones, flatter faces, and a shorter distance between their noses and ears. Previously this was referred to as Asian Fit by Oakley before being renamed in 2021.

These features, combined with Oakley’s three-point fit, will help to provide a comfortable fit and accurate vision for anyone with these traits.

Most Frogskin colorways are also available in Low Bridge fit. And there are even occasionally exclusive Low Bridge fit colorways in certain regions like Asia or the Middle East.

You can learn more in our complete Oakley Low Bridge Fit guide.

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Side by Side Comparison – Size, Dimensions & Features

Now that we’ve covered the current variations of the Frogskins, let’s compare them side-by-side. The table below provides a quick reference guide of size differences and the unique features of each pair.

Overall, the best Frogskin frame depends on your preference.For most people, the original Frogskins will work great.

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But depending on your face size, or style one of the other frames may work better:

FrogskinsFrogskins MixFrogskins LiteFrogskins XSFrogskins Low Bridge Fit
Temple / Earstem Length139mm140mm138mm133mm143mm
Frame Width 137mm134mm131.8mm125.5mm131.2mm
Lens Height 44mm43.7mm48.2mm42.3mm45.2mm
Lens Width54.7mm55mm63.2mm53mm57mm
Unique FeatureN/AStainless Steel Earstems with Unobtainium gripsSemi-Rimless Design with Unobtainium nose gripSmaller design for Kids/Youth or smaller headsLimited Production / Colorway / Collaboration

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Replace Frogskins Lenses?

Oakley Frogskins sunglasses use a friction fit common on other models like the Gascan.

To replace your lenses, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Grip your Frogskins frame in the palm of your hand
  2. Pull apart the frame from the lens while pushing the lens forward until it “pops” out
  3. Simply reverse the process to insert a new lens into the frame

For further information, check out our guide to changing Oakley lenses in every type of frame!

Where to Buy Frogskins Replacement Lenses?

You can buy Oakley Frogskins replacement lenses directly from Oakley’s website or retail stores for around $70 and up.

But you can often save 30-50% off replacement lenses during seasonal sales.

If you’re looking to save, there are plenty of aftermarket Oakley lenses available too!

You can often buy these aftermarket lenses for $10-$20 a pair, which is a big discount from authentic Oakley lenses. But be sure to check out our complete comparison of the Best Oakley Replacement Lenses before you buy!

Note: Replacement lenses should be purchased for your specific Frogskins as old lenses or lenses from different variations may not be interchangeable.

Are Prescription Frogskins Available?

Yes, Oakley authentic prescription lenses for the Frogskins with a power range of +2.00 to -3.00. This means you can have prescription Frogskins sunglasses and glasses.

You can order prescription Frogskins through Oakley’s website or your local eye doctor. And all you need is a valid prescription.

For more information on the full requirements, warranty, and how to order, check out our complete Oakley Prescription Sunglasses Guide.

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Are Oakley Frogskins ANSI Z87.1 certified?

While all Oakleys meet ANSI high velocity and impact standards, this does not mean they are ANSI Z87.1-certified sunglasses.

For workplaces that require safety glasses, typically, only frames that are stamped with ANSI Z87.1 are permitted. Unfortunately, Oakley Frogskins do not satisfy compliance needs as safety glasses.

For more information, check out our guide to Oakley Safety Glasses that meet ANSI Z87.1.

Where to Buy Oakley Frogskins?

If you’re looking to purchase a pair of Frogskins, your first stop is likely Oakley.com or an authorized retailer like SunglassHut.

But unless there’s a sale, discount code, or current promotions, you may want to wait!

That’s because you can often save 20-30%+ off retail prices online through aftermarket sites.

Our Frogskins Exchange allows you to post, buy, sell and trade for any pair of Frogskins you want! If you’re looking for rare, discontinued, or just discounted Frogskins, you’ll want to start here.

For more options to save, check out our guide to Never Pay Retail for Oakleys Again! And, of course, be sure to read our guide on how to spot fakes!

Do Oakley Vaults Carry Frogskins?

Yes, Oakley Vaults stores often carry Frogskins sunglasses, although the colorways and availability will vary by location.

It’s uncommon to see unsold limited edition or special edition Frogskins at Vault locations too! And remember, it never hurts to ask – Some stores may have Frogskins in the back storage or just received a delivery!

For more information, check out our full guide to Oakley Vault locations.

Looking for More?

Are you a fan of Oakley Frogskins sunglasses? Join the largest online Oakley community and let us know in the thread below. And be sure to check out our dedicated Oakley Frogskins Discussion area.

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